Jun 3, 2008


Summer is approaching and I love the hot weather. I'm half Italian and I crave heat & humidity. When summer comes along my personality changes from miserable & bloated winter shut-in to a pollyanna, sunshine, fruit-eating, summer extrovert. The sun is my best friend. Unfortunately, I forget the horrific thing that appears with warmth: FLIP FLOPS!!
I'm okay with these monstrosities at the beach - I'm not that unforgiving -- BUT IN THE CITY!! What happened to our world? When did we become so horribly & dangerously casual?
A nice leather sandal is permissible, but c'mon folks! City sidewalks are treacherous and dirty. Must I be accosted by the sound of your flip-flapping while I'm eating lunch at a sidewalk cafe? Must I see your grimy piglet toes while I'm relaxing in the park? Put on a pair of shoes and join the civilized people on the streets! Flip Flop season is now officially over! FOREVER!

Photo from Gathering Evidence Blog.