Jun 3, 2008


Summer is approaching and I love the hot weather. I'm half Italian and I crave heat & humidity. When summer comes along my personality changes from miserable & bloated winter shut-in to a pollyanna, sunshine, fruit-eating, summer extrovert. The sun is my best friend. Unfortunately, I forget the horrific thing that appears with warmth: FLIP FLOPS!!
I'm okay with these monstrosities at the beach - I'm not that unforgiving -- BUT IN THE CITY!! What happened to our world? When did we become so horribly & dangerously casual?
A nice leather sandal is permissible, but c'mon folks! City sidewalks are treacherous and dirty. Must I be accosted by the sound of your flip-flapping while I'm eating lunch at a sidewalk cafe? Must I see your grimy piglet toes while I'm relaxing in the park? Put on a pair of shoes and join the civilized people on the streets! Flip Flop season is now officially over! FOREVER!

Photo from Gathering Evidence Blog.


Anonymous said...

aww fuck you

Wilbur Vintage said...

I'm guessing you wear flip-flops.